Rainbow Circle

Each spring and fall the Program delivers boxes of food, clothing and simple medicines to many different areas of the reservation. The first Foodrun delivers items to the Oljato and Navajo Mountain areas in Southern Utah. Next are areas around Winslow including, Leupp, Dilkon and Birdsprings. Following these Foodruns, items are delivered to Elders living in areas in the Northeast section of Arizona close to Chinle - Many Farms, Tsaile, and Pinon. Then we head to more areas around Winslow - Sanders, Teesto, and Big Mountain. The Program provides many options for support people to participate in these Foodruns.

The cornerstone of the semi-annual Foodruns is the Rainbow Food Boxes. These are the boxes that support people are asked to provide for the Elder they adopt. These boxes are delivered to the Elders each spring and fall during the semi-annual Foodruns by volunteers who provide their own vehicles, gasoline and travel expenses to be of service to the Program.

The Foodruns provide an opportunity to bring the Elders, and the support people who have adopted them, together into the spirit of the Vision of the Program. It can be an opportunity for you to meet the Elder whom you have chosen to adopt and support. The Elders look forward to these Foodrun days as an opportunity to gather together on their homelands to share their appreciation in their traditional way for the people who support them.

Many support people travel from all over the United States to be a part of these Foodruns and to meet these Elders. You do not have to adopt an Elder to participate in the Foodruns. Volunteers drive their own trucks and utility vehicles, pay all of their own expenses to make the trip, and deliver the boxes to the Elders in the Spirit and tradition of the Giveaway Circle.

If you are interested in the dates for the next Foodruns, see the Foodrun section of the volunteer activities page. This resource will also keep you informed about the many volunteer opportunities which take place at our Salt Lake warehouse to prepare for these Foodruns.