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How you can make a difference

Volunteers at Sanders

The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program carries out virtually all of its activities with volunteers. The Program runs on the generous donations of time, energy, and money of people who choose to become involved. Many people choose to Adopt an Elder, but this is not necessary for you to be able to support our Elders. We have developed a variety of options you can choose that fit your ability to give and your specific interests. Please refer to our Elder Support section to better understand these options. If you do not have an adopted elder, you may make donations to specific programs, and we will insure that your donation is delivered to an Elder in need. To volunteer your time in support of the Elders please see our Volunteer Activities Page for further details.

Newsletter: The most effective way to stay informed about the activities and events of the Program is to subscribe to our newsletter which contains many informative articles and photos as well as details and schedules for upcoming events.

Rainbow Circle Foodruns: The primary focus of the Program in support of the Elders is food, clothing and basic homecare needs. These much-needed supplies are delivered during the semiannual foodruns which take place in the spring and fall. Preparation for these events takes place throughout the year at our Salt Lake City warehouse. Please visit the Foodrun Page for a more detailed description of these events. Visit the Volunteer Activities Page to see upcoming dates for foodruns as well as activities at the Salt Lake warehouse in preparation for foodrun events.

Elders and their Families at the 2006 Rug ShowAnnual Rug Show and Sale: One of the primary fund raisers for the activities of the Program is our Annual Rug Show and Sale. Volunteers begin working in January of each year for the Rug Show that takes place in Park City each November. This three day event requires many volunteers to make it successful. If you are interested in becoming part of the Rug Show and Sale, please see more details on our Volunteer Activities Page.

Child with Gift BoxPrograms for Children: When asked how we can help them, many Elders indicate that helping their grandchildren is one of the most important ways we can assist them. The ANE Program maintains a variety of programs to benefit children on the reservation. One of these, the Walk in Beauty Program, provides new shoes to elementary school age children. Another, the Amasani Program, works with classrooms, teachers, and students around the country to educate students about Navajo culture and to sponsor Elders on the reservation.

To make a gift in support of any of these programs, please visit the Donations Page.