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Feathers for the Forgotten Ones

Homebound ElderOne of the greatest needs of the Program are donations for Elders who are too old, in poor health, who don't speak English, or who are otherwise not "adoptable" as a part of the regular Program. We have over 35 Elders who are 90 to 109 years old in this portion of our Program. We call these Elders The "Eagles" of the Program. They represent the ones who are closest to Spirit.

Many of these Elders are blind, some live in very remote portions of the reservations. Their needs are simple -- food, a blanket or set of sheets, and often we receive requests for special medical needs. See Grandmother's Basic Food Needs.

elderWomanWithWalkerMany of the Elderly on the reservation have diabetes and other health related complications. Other typical health problems are heart conditions, high blood pressure, and lung related diseases. We sometimes receive requests for assistance with hearing aids, bandages, even disposable adult diapers. These needs are met under our Homebound Program.

Food certificates or even gift certificates from WalMart (which you can purchase locally), or other donations can be used to help Elders in these difficult circumstances.

Please visit the Donations page to see the available options for helping our Elders.