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Child's Foodrun Box Program

Childs Box The Children's Boxes are delivered to grandchildren of the Elder during our semi-annual foodruns. The foodruns become a family event that everyone looks forward to. Because the Elders are often driven to the foodrun locations by their children, the grandchildren come along and look forward to the excitment of visitors and the Rainbow Food Boxes that their Elders receive.

As a part of the For the Children aspect of the Program, sponsors often provide a child's box. Although contents vary from foodrun to foodrun, they generally include items such as: paper, crayons, paints, erasers, pencils, drawing paper, Rice Krispie treat, dried fruit leather, puzzle game, toothbrush and toothpaste, Vienna sausages, fruit cup.

Children of all ages look forward to receiving a children's box -- and smiles are all around as they explore the contents of their box.

Child Box