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Children's Weaving Program

Marty Whitehair The Young Weaver's activities are designed to encourage young people to learn to weave and connect with their Elders for a better understanding of Navajo weaving traditions. By providing yarn to young weavers, the Program gives them the opportunity learn weaving, often from their Grandmothers.

The Program purchases the rugs of young weavers to encourage them to continue to develop their weaving skills. Many of the rugs that have been purchased from young weavers are part of a traveling art show through the Utah Arts Council.

Childrens rug We have a contest for young weavers during our Annual Rug Show and Sale. This gives the young weavers an opportunity to sell the rugs they have woven and to experience buyer's appreciation for their art work. Donations to support these activities can be made to the For the Children section of the ANE Programs.

The success of the Programs' efforts with young weavers comes when we can see multi-generation Navajo weavers like the Robertson family.