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Christmas Stocking Program

Christmas stocking classroom

Every July, we begin the process of creating Christmas stockings for delivery to Navajo children and Program Elders during the holiday season. Last year, the Program delivered over 3000 Christmas stockings to the children on the reservation, and 100 stockings were given to the Forgotten Elders.

How You Can Participate: Stockings can be homemade or purchased. They should be 12-14 inches long and 6 inches wide to fit items inside.

All stockings MUST BE LABELED with a tag and be appropriate for the following:

  • Boy Preschool 4-6 years
  • Boy 6-8 years
  • Boy 8-10 years
  • Boy 10-12 years
  • Boy 12-14 years

  • Girl Preschool 4-6 years
  • Girl 6-8 years
  • Girl 8-10 years
  • Boy 10-12 years Girl 10-12 years
  • Boy 12-14 years Girl 12-14 years

Suggestions for Preschool: Golden books, small stuffed toy, Cracker Jacks, coloring book, stickers, candy canes, new socks, small puzzles, crayons and markers.

Suggestions for Grade School: crayons, notebooks (small), stickers, card games, flashcards, paints, lotion, new socks, pocket toys, and gender specific toys.

Suggestions for Boys or Girls: gloves, socks, stickers, crayons, pencils, toothbrush and tooth paste, Christmas activity books, candy canes, Rice Krispie Bars, small Christmas candle.

Suggestions for Girls: hair barrettes, ponytail holders, jacks, jump ropes.

Suggestions for Boys: toy cars, toy trucks, baseballs or other small ball.

Suggestions for Elders: mittens, warm socks, cough drops, Chapstick, Christmas ornament, bandanas, food certificates, BenGay, lotion, crackers, Christmas pins, playing cards, bandanas for men, 14 inch scarf for women, needles and thread, white yarn for hair ties, any size batteries, Handi-Wipes.

Making Stockings

Options for Participation:

  • Creating Stockings for the Children or Elders: If you would like to create Christmas stockings for the children, please make arrangements to ship the stockings to the Program warehouse to arrive not later than November 1. Please enclose a card or letter about yourself that the teacher can share with the class as they open their stockings.
  • Service Projects for Groups: If you or your group would like to create at least 20 stockings, you may sign up for a classroom and send your stockings directly to the school. To make arrangements for this option, please contact the Program in writing.
  • Delivering Stockings to the Reservation: One of the major elements of this process is delivering stockings to the schools on various parts of the reservation. If you have a truck or large vehicle and would be willing to deliver stockings, please contact the Program by October 1. Stockings are generally delivered the end of November and early December.
  • Donations for Postage: Last year it cost over $250 to mail stockings to the Elders. If time doesn’t permit to make stockings, please consider making a donation to help offset the postage costs for mailing the items to the Elders.

Thank you cards from the children say it all....

Stocking card 1

stocking card 2