Cultural Information

History of Navajo Weaving:
Hogans: (Navajo Traditional Homes)
House Blessingway Ceremony: Description and story of First Man and First Woman
Navajo Churro Sheep Project: Information on a project to restore churro sheep to the reservation.
Weaving in the Margins: Navajo Men As Weavers
Discover Navajo: This official Navajo Nation site has lots of information for visitors to the area.
William Whitehair Weaver: Master weaver and part of the ANE family
The Navajo Times: Read the latest news from the res in the newspaper of the Navajo Nation
Weaving In Beauty: A site with many resources and links about weaving and weavers.

Educational & Teachers Resources

Index to Tribal College Journal Articles: A compendium of articles from various tribes, but many relate to the Navajo.
Smithsonian Institute Winter Counts Exhibition: A Smithsonian exhibit about Lakota winter count images.
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians: An extensive listing of resources about Native Americans
Southwest Native Americans: Information about Native Americans of the southwest.
Navajo Code Talkers: Dept. of the Navy presentation with information about the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII with links to a bibliography and dictionary of the code.

Other Resources

Park City: Summit County Restaurants & Lodging in Park City through their Restaurant Tax Committee continue to support the Program activities. Check out these great restaurants and support them when in Park City!
Twin Rocks Trading Post: Twin Rocks Trading Post P.O. Box 330 - East Navajo Twins Drive Bluff, UT 84512 Toll-free: 1-800-526-3448 Tel: 1-435-672-2341 Fax: 1-435-672-2370
R.B. Burnham & Co. Trading Post: Located in Sanders, AZ, Burnham's is a traditional trading post owned and operated by five generations of the Burnham family. It is the source of wool favored by many Navajo weavers.
Sheepdog Trials: An annual event near Midway, UT features a rug show and weaving demonstrations put on by the Program.
Jay Tavare: Jay, a Hollywood actor with Native American roots, has been a strong supporter of the Program.
Globus Relief: Globus Relief, a non-profit organization, partners to provide life saving medical and healthcare resources to people in need and improve their quality of life. Globus Relief provides the bulk of the healthcare materials that we distribute.