Our Impact & Why It Matters
Adopt-A-Native-Elder serves to help reduce extreme poverty and hardship facing traditional Elders living on the Navajo Reservation. A.N.E. is a trusted humanitarian organization focused on delivering food, medical supplies, firewood and other forms of Elder support. Respecting the tradition and dignity of Navajo Elders, we create relationships and honor and serve the Elders.

Our Reach
Since its inception over 30 years ago, Adopt-A-Native-Elder has served the Elders by:
Directly delivering over 5 million pounds of food
Serving more than 2,000 Elders
Honoring more than 5,000 supporters worldwide

How Are My Contributions Spent?
We are committed to ensuring every Elder we support receives the most from your contributions. Over 81% of funds go directly to Program Services in the form of food, firewood, yarn for weaving and basic medical supplies.

For every $1 received, A.N.E. delivers approximately $10 in value because of our dedicated network of on-the-ground volunteers and in-kind services.

For the last six years, Charity Navigator has recognized A.N.E. for outstanding credibility and excellence in fiscal responsibility with it’s highest 4-Star rating.

Donations are tax-deductible in the United States. US Tax ID: 87-0490211. A.N.E. will send you a handwritten thank you and tax receipt for every contribution you make.

You can be proud of your life-giving contributions knowing they are a solid investment that make a difference in the lives of our Native Elders. Thank you!

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