Cedar Bead Necklace
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When you are traveling on the reservation you will see Juniper trees beside the highway. They have little clusters of gray grape-like berries. Towards fall they start to fall off and small animals like chipmunks take the outer covering off and then take a bite out of the nut meat which is inside. The animals leave these shells in piles under trees, slabs of rocks, and bushes. Then Native people start to hunt for piles of shells, gathering and cleaning them. When they have gathered what they need, they go home and poke holes in them with a needle on the other side of the shell. Then they start stringing them along with glass beads or just bead them plain.

A long time ago, they were used as protection against evil spirits when people used to travel about on horseback or just walking long distances late at night. They were also tied on Navajo cradleboards to keep the babies safe. Wear one to keep you safe from ghosts and evil spirits or from a person who gives you an Evil Eye.