One-of-a-kind Hand Woven Rugs

Types of Traditional Weaving

The sale of rugs through the catalog is one of the most important ways we have to provide financial support to our Elders. All proceeds from the sale of these rugs are returned to the weavers. For more background information about the Program's Rug Catalog please read the Rug Catalog Story. This page also explains the pricing structure used in the catalog.

Rugs in the first three categories are grouped by their colors. For instance the Traditional Colors group contains rugs with mixes of reds, grays, black, and white.

The next group contains rugs which either have pictorial elements or are based on ceremonial themes.

The final group of rugs have been woven from hand spun and hand dyed wool. The work of preparing the wool for these rugs has often been done by the weaver herself, adding many hours to the time it takes to finish a rug. In these rugs the wool and design are often coarser than in those rugs made from commercial yarn. But the heart and hand of the weaver can also be more evident in these rugs.

In addition to rugs we offer a small collection of traditional Navajo baskets for sale. For the most part basket weaving is limited to the northwestern fringe of the reservation with Navajo Mountain and Oljato both being centers for this art form. Baskets are in demand throughout the reservation for use in ceremonies, and their supply is limited. We are fortunate to have a few to offer.

Pitch pots are a traditional Navajo craft. They are utilitarian water vessels but also have an innate beauty. The weaver creates a woven basket and then treats it with pine pitch to make it water tight.

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