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Make Donations: Make a donation to our general fund or select specific programs. Donations made to the non-profit Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program are charitable contributions and may qualify for tax deductions. Donations received for the general fund or specific programs will be used in support of all our Elders in need. If you have not adopted an Elder but still wish to support our efforts to help them live their traditional lives, this is the place to do it.

Place Orders for specific Elders: If you have adopted an Elder, this is the place to purchase Rainbow Food Boxes and Rainbow Food Certificates plus other care packages that support the traditional lifestyles of the Elders in our Program. There are a variety of options to meet the needs of your Elder.

Purchase Food Certificates: In order to provide assistance to Elders and their families between the semi-annual foodruns, the ANE Program has made arrangements for food certificates that can be purchased on behalf of an Elder. The Basha's grocery stores are located throughout the reservation and these certificates allow an Elder to purchase fresh items (vegetables, fruits and meat) or other staples that they may need. The food certificates can be purchased in $25 increments.

Adopt an Elder! Enrollment information concerning our adoption program.

Subscribe to the newsletter or purchase hats, t-shirts and crafts. Begin an annual subscription to our newsletter: publishes in Jan-Mar-Jun-Jul-Sep (rug show issue), and Dec of each year, or purchase other items that support Program activities.

Purchase Rugs: Browse the beautiful selection of hand-woven rugs.

Privacy Policy: Please click here to review our privacy policy.

Refunds and Returns Policy: The Adopt-A-Native-Elder-Program does not offer refunds or returns. Any questions or concerns can be addressed via phone: (801) 474-0535 or email:


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