Elder in her trailer


Adopt-A-Native-Elder serves to help reduce extreme poverty and hardship facing traditional Elders living on the Navajo Reservation. We are a trusted humanitarian organization focused on delivering food, medical supplies, firewood and other forms of Elder support. Respecting the tradition and dignity of Navajo Elders, we create relationships to honor and serve the Elders.

We have served thousands of traditional Navajo Elders since the 1990s by giving as a gift of love… not a handout. Today, our efforts touch the lives of over 800 Elders.

What we do for the Elders is based on the principal of the Native American Giveaway. We give our best and give it freely with no expectation of return.

The Elders feel gratitude for these gifts, often expressing it through their shy smiles. Some give small gifts such as necklaces in return. Many are too poor to be able to make such a gift. Their gift is to touch our hands and our hearts and to offer their prayers. That is enough.

Our Reach

  • Directly delivering over 5 million pounds of food
  • Serving more than 800 Elders
  • Honoring more than 5,000 supporters worldwide


Linda Myers, Founder/Executive Director & CNN Hero

CJ Robb, Assistant Director

Caroline Murdock, Creative Director

Our organization is also staffed by these highly-dedicated and talented team members who support the Elders and A.N.E. in immeasurable ways:
Jeff Dillon, Warehouse Manager
Heather Johnson, Office Manager
Bobbie Ikegami, Program Assistant
Beverly Benally, Yarn Coordinator
Gloria McCabe, Office Assistant/Volunteer Liaison
Mia Newman, Merchandise Photographer

Thanks to our team of dedicated volunteers who give of their time, talents, and efforts in support of the Elders. Many thanks go to long-time volunteer photographer John Aldrich, whose love for the Elders and the Program can be seen so beautifully in the photos displayed throughout this website and in our other publications.