The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program (ANE) assists Elders through donations that allow us to purchase yarns for the Elders to weave into rugs. Many of those rugs are then put into the ANE Rug Catalog. Their weaving provides the means for them to sustain themselves in their traditional way. Many of the traditional Elders do not have the money to purchase the yarns to weave with. As we have provided yarns for these Elders, we have seen great pride in each of the weaver's as they weave their visions into the rugs.

Yarn Box: We will send the yarn box on your behalf to an Elder in the Program who weaves. You may also make a donation directly to the Yarn Program. Donations made to this portion of the Program support yarn giveaways to Elders during the semi-annual foodruns.

Many of our traditional Elders will only weave with the wool from their own sheep. They card and clean the wool, and then use a hand or drop spindle to spin the raw wool into the tight yarns needed to weave their traditional rugs. Many Elders collect wild carrot, oak, nuts, flowers, sage and other plants to make the dye for the colors for their yarns.

Time is their gift.

That cannot be priced into our culture in an equal value.