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Gloria Hardy
Gloria Hardy

Yá’át’ééh! My name is Gloria Hardy. I was born and still live in Chinle, Arizona. I have four children; two of them weave but not for a living. I went to school to grade 12 in Many Farms, Arizona. My mother is Louise Reed born for the Tohani & Díbézhíní clans. My late father is Charley Jones born of the Ta’ baah clan. Weaving has been passed down through generations in my family to earn income.

My mother taught me how to weave. I get my ideas for my designs from traveling through places, different rug designs and putting designs together. Certain designs are only woven certain times of the year. When weaving, I think positive. I prefer weaving Yei, Pictorial & my own designs in earth tone colors (brown, white, maroon) because it makes good earth or natural color designs. I weave 10 hours each day year-round and can weave 8 or more rugs a year depending on the size. I weave a spirit line or pathway out that people can see in my rugs.

Weavers gather plants during spring, summer and fall to get different colors for the dye. Sometimes they have to travel to get plants. I also sometimes buy dyed wool yarn to weave.

I have been selling my rugs at the Rug Show for 20 years. I don’t take my rugs to trading posts to sell, I save them for the next Rug Show. A lot of people are amazed how a rug is woven and the time and patience it takes.