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Mary Lou Gleason
Mary Lou Gleason

Yá’át’ééh. My name is Mary Lou Gleason and I was born in a Hogan near Winslow, Arizona. I have five children with my late husband, John Gleason. Two of my children weave, but don’t do it for a living.

I learned to weave just by watching my mother weave. I was told not to let others know what traditions I was taught about weaving; it’s a family secret. I don’t have a favorite color yarn to weave. I like to mix colors and I don’t use the same colors all of the time. I used to spin my own yarn. I would hunt for plants to dye my wool in the fall. I would collect wild carrot when there was rain or snow.

I prefer to weave Two Griyhills, Tree of Life, Storm patterns, and simple designs. My Tree of Life designs are my most popular rugs.

Weaving helps me keep the stress away and keep up with memories of living with my family. If I don’t forget, I weave a spirit line or pathway out that people can see in my rugs.