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Rena Robertson
Rena Robertson

Yá’át’ééh. My name is Rena Robertson. I was home-birthed in Hardrock (Big Mountain Area). My mother, Sarah Robertson is Edge Water, born for Rock Gap, Táb? ? há - Tse clóshghizhni clan. My father, Alex Robertson, Sr. is Mexican, born of Red Reed Nákai Diné-Txáschi’I clan.

My husband, Martin Whitehair is Rock Gap, born for the Salt Clan, Tsé deeshgizhníí - ‘Áshiihíí. We have five children. All of them weave. Three of them weave for a living.

My late mother taught me mainly to respect our weaving and ourselves. At a very young age my mother instilled in me to live in gratitude as a weaver. Weaving is our legacy and personal identity as Dine’. When I weave I prepare my loom with only prayers. I spin my own yarn and use plant dyes that I have collected in the fall when it is ripe with color such as wild carrot root, sage, wild tea and black walnuts. I collect the plants on the homeland and travel for some of the plants.

I prefer to weave my own designs and collaborate with my husband, Martin Whitehair and our children for ideas. I weave four to six hours every day throughout the year.

Weaving is a diminishing art and a way of life. I am grateful Adopt-A-Native-Elder helps us to keep our traditions alive. Thank you for being here for us.