Adopt An Elder
Adopt An Elder
Adopt An Elder
Adopt An Elder
Your Price: $250.00

When you adopt an Elder, you commit to providing your Elder with two sets of Rainbow Food boxes annually. A.N.E. provides and delivers the food. The cost is $125 per set (one set of Rainbow Food boxes for the spring Food Run and one set of Rainbow Food boxes for the fall Food Run), $250 total. Note: If your Elder lives in one of the designated areas near a Basha's grocery store, your $250 adoption donation will provide your Elder a $125 Food Certificate in the spring and a $125 Food Certificate in the fall.

While adoption does not necessarily mean a lifelong commitment, friendships that last a lifetime may develop between the Elders and people who adopt them. Some sponsors choose to visit their Elders at the Food Runs. Others correspond through letters.

In a matter of days of receiving your adoption application, you will be matched with your Elder(s). We’ll send you a welcome kit complete with everything you need to know. The $250.00 adoption fee also includes a one-year subscription to our newsletter and covers the cost of your first spring and fall Food Run food box sets. After your initial year, you will make your subsequent Rainbow Food donations before each Food Run every spring and every fall. You may also choose to pay for your spring and fall Food Run items together in advance.

After you receive your Elder information packet, we encourage you to introduce yourself to your Elder directly by mail. To make sure that all needs are met, the Program generally assigns each Elder at least two adopters.

An alternative to adopting an Elder is to enroll in our Food Certificate Sponsorship Program. Becoming a Food Certificate Sponsor is a six month or one year commitment and a one-time billing.

If you have additional questions concerning the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program, please see our frequently asked questions page, call (801) 474-0535, or send us an email. Thank you!