Adopt An Elder
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Due to COVID-19, the Navajo Senior Centers have currently restricted their services. Because we work with Navajo Reservation Senior Coordinators, new adoptions of Elders through Adopt-A-Native-Elder are temporarily on hold until further notification in 2022. Until that time, please consider becoming a Food Certificate Sponsor to an Elder for six months or a year.

As a Food Certificate Sponsor, you will not receive an information packet on the Elder. Instead, Adopt-A-Native-Elder will choose an Elder in need and send the Food Certificates directly to the Elder. A Food Certificate Sponsorship is a way to directly get needed food to those who need it most. Thank you!

Please note: Rising food prices and soaring costs are making it even more difficult for the Elders to access food. At A.N.E., we are committed to making Food Equity a reality. On May 1st the cost of a new adoption will increase from $250 to $300. This increase is due to the increase cost of food for the Rainbow Food Boxes and Certificates. Thank you for your understanding.