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Support of Diné Weavers
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The Navajo Rug Show & Sale helps The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program create a market for Diné weavers and to raise awareness about the Elders’ needs.

The pandemic continues to effect the lives of the Elders. Disparities in Elder income, health, and overall wellness were not brought on by COVID-19, but the pandemic shone a harsh light on the issues the Elder’s face.

Many of our Elders are home alone. They’re widowed. Elder services have been limited on the Navajo reservation. Often it feels to them like they’re forgotten.

Our goal this winter is to send a $100 Food Certificate and a $100 Firewood Voucher to each Elder in the program for the winter months of November, December, January, and February. Without this support, many Elders will suffer greatly from lack of adequate warmth and fresh food.

The Elders say, “The rug you hold comes from my hands. It holds my songs and prayers. I weave it with good thoughts and prayers for your people. My eyes will not see to weave many more. Your hand has touched mine and you cared for me and my simple life.”

Would you help us to reach our goal?

Ahéhee’. Thank you.