Adopt-A-Native-Elder General Fund

Donations to the General Fund support all the activities of the Program. Please enter your donation amount in the box above.

Annual Navajo Rug Show & Sale Donation

Help support the Navajo Rug Show & Sale. All proceeds from the sale of rugs and jewelry go directly to the artist! Please enter your donation amount in the box above. Thank you for your support!

Blue Bird Flour
Price: $10.30
Blue Bird Flour is a special flour the Elders use for making their traditional tortilla bread and fry bread. Because many of the Elders are used to having only bread to eat when other foods are gone, the flour is especially important to the Elders.

Quantity:    Free Ship Item

Ceremony Fund

Donations to this fund support Elders in need of traditional ceremonies. Please enter an amount in the box above

Firewood Fund

This program allows donations in any amount to be made toward the purchase of firewood for the Elders.

Food Run Expenses Fund

There are a number of additional expenses incurred during food runs to the reservation such as the meal that is served at every food run. This fund helps to defray those costs.

For the Children Fund

Donations to this portion of the Program support our Elder's grandchildren with school supplies.

Giveaway Blanket Fund

Donations are used to purchase blankets for the Elders to help them through the cold of winter.

Rainbow Food Box Fund

This fund helps defray the cost of Rainbow Food Boxes for Elders who do not have sponsors.

Yarn Fund

A donation to the Yarn Program allows us to purchase Navajo yarn for weavers. We support traditional Elders by facilitating a market for their beautiful rugs.