Winter Blessings Ornaments

The Winter Blessings Ornament Program helps Navajo Elders who are in need. Each ornament features a photo and a short biography of an Elder, along with a list of items that the Elder needs. Your purchase of an ornament, hand-decorated by Adopt-A-Native-Elder volunteers, provides food certificates, firewood, and/or yarn to help the Elder through the long winter months.

You may order an ornament at the Virtual Rug Show. We will mail the ornament to you and send your choice of firewood vouchers, food certificates, and/or or yarn to the Elder on your ornament. The ornaments make great presents for the Holidays.

In 2019, Winter Blessings Ornaments provided 128 Firewood Vouchers, 289 Food Certificates, and 61 yarn bundles for the Elders. A true Winter Blessing!

Winter Ornament - Firewood
Price: $100.00


Winter Ornament - Food Certificates
Price: $25.00


Winter Ornament - Yarn Bundle
Price: $50.00