Bluebird Circle
Bluebird Flour is special flour that Elders use to make traditional tortillas and fry bread for daily use, special occasions and when provisions run short. Your support will help us deliver over 800 bags of flour to the Elders. A bag of Bluebird Flour costs $10. A sponsorship from you at this level provides flour for up to 100 Elders.

Hummingbird Circle
Medical Boxes contain much-needed basic, over-the-counter medications to provide comfort for Elders who get sick or experience aches and pains. Because the Elders live in such remote locations and experience inability to get to outside medical care, these medical boxes are necessities for the Elders. They greatly help with their daily care and to maintain their independent living. A Medical Box costs $40. A sponsorship from you will provide the basics needed for 25 to 63 Elders.

Golden Eagle Circle
Most Elders live on the land. They raise livestock, grow corn and weave rugs to earn a living. The Elders work hard but generate little income. Your help is so appreciated for the over 1428 food boxes given to the Elders during our bi-annual Food Runs to the reservation. Your support will provide sets of Rainbow Boxes, which supplement the Elder"s food supply with staples they use year-round. A sponsorship at this level provides food for 13 to 25 Elders.

Bald Eagle Circle
Our Elders use firewood to heat their homes in the winter and to cook food year-round. It takes over 10 loads of firewood to sustain just one Elder through a cold winter. You can buy loads of firewood at a cost of $200 per load. A Bald Eagle Circle sponsorship provides firewood for over 50 Elders to help them cook meals and keep warm during cold winter months.A sponsorship at this level provides firewood for 50 or more Elders.