Adopt An Elder
Price: $300.00
Thank you for considering “adopting” an Elder through the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program.

Many wonderful friendships have developed in this Circle of the Giveaway. When we touch an Elder’s life with the gift of food, we feed their spirits and their hearts. As one Elder told us, “Because you bring me food, you wish my life to continue for another day.”

Adopt-A-Native-Elder has served thousands of Traditional Elders since the 1990s by giving food as a gift of love… not a handout. Today, our spring and fall Food Runs touch the lives of over 800 Elders.

During our annual spring and fall Food Runs, volunteers help Adopt-A-Native-Elder to pack and deliver food and other necessities that the Elders need on the spring and fall Food Runs. The Elders depend on this supply of food and look forward to receiving these items from you.

The $300 adoption fee covers your Elder’s first year of Rainbow Food for the following two Food Run deliveries made by Adopt-A-Native-Elder. After your initial $300 adoption cost for the first year, your Elder will look forward to receiving your continuing annual food support of a $300 food donation. Thank you for helping your Elder with your ongoing support.

During the Food Run deliveries, there are additional items you may purchase and have Adopt-A-Native-Elder deliver to your Elder. These include such supplemental items as a Medical Box filled with helpful over-the counter simple medicines and/or a Grandma or Grandpa Box that provides fabric and clothing.

$200 Firewood Vouchers and/or Food Certificates in increments of $25 may be ordered for your Elder anytime throughout the year to help keep your Elder warm and fed. The level of additional support is entirely up to you.

After we receive your Elder adoption fee, Adopt-A-Native-Elder will mail a packet to you with your Elder's photo, contact information, and a brief form about your Elder. We suggest you send a letter to your Elder, letting him/her know about you.

While adopting an Elder is not necessarily a lifelong commitment, we hope you enjoy establishing a relationship with your Elder and know that your generous annual support means a great deal to his/her life. If for any reason you decide that you are not able to meet this commitment, please let us know so that we may connect your Elder with another sponsor.

Thank you, in advance, for your care of your Elder.
Linda A. Myers
Founder, Executive Director